Experiential Marketing and Events


For about 8 years I had only done corporate event promotions (think trade shows, meetings, car launches, sweepstakes, concerts, mall programming, etc.).  Around 2003 I was asked to jump to the other side, the wedding side.  It's like having a Reporter become a PR agent. You know all about the industry but you never saw yourself doing it.  Well, I took that challenge. I did. And you know what? I thought I knew everything about events, but I didn't.  Building weddings should be treated on paper like a business, like any other event, but the thoughtful details and one in a lifetime moments with the client are so much more personal and remembered.  My team and I offer Partial and Full Planning.  Prices are based upon the size and scope of your event. We will meet and then I will present to you a quote for both services. We start from scratch.  Don't worry if you have already booked vendors or decided things on your own, that's great!