Experiential Marketing and Events


I am a Los Angeles based event planner specializing in meetings, festivals, corporate functions and of course weddings. My work can been seen from Malibu to Beverly Hills to my back yard in Ventura County. 

You have arrived! Finally!  I've been wanting to talk to you.  I've proudly spent 20 years in the event planning and promotions business. Weddings? Sure. Let's realize that it's just a day, albeit a very IMPORTANT day but the marriage should be the focus. Social event, perhaps a charity fundraiser?  Goal is raising money, not spending it. Let's get creative. Oh, you need a team building or conference planned? Well, what is the goal?  To share your new strategies or just so your team gets to know each other on a personal level? 

What is the pattern here? Questions. You will be so tired of answering me at some point, but in the end you will be happy I did. 

Event Planning isn't hard, it's actually really fun if you have a great attitude, love to collaborate and have no ego.  That's pretty much me in a sentence. I love hearing people's stories, making strong relationships with vendors and companies and always keep this in the back of my mind, 'we aren't curing cancer, it's just a party'.  Once you know how to juggle the beast of planning you can basically apply it to any industry. 

I may be the perfect paid MOH for you or I may be your worst nightmare, but either way, let's meet over a glass of vino and at least have a fun few sips to talk about your big day or community festival.

I love what I do and I hope we will work together.