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Made in Malibu, a Pop Up Art Gallery

Now this one is really cool. As you know I am the event planner for the Malibu Lumber Yard, a fancy schmancy shopping area in Malibu right on the PCH and Civic Center Way. In preparation for a shopping event (Mother's Day) I was sitting in the space, brainstorming, spec-ing, etc., and a huge issue was still haunting me. One of the larger spaces was vacant, Kitson left and left a huge open eyesore. It's kind of hard to encourage guests to shop when the shops aren't all full, right? What could I do, for no money, and to push the community together AND to visit the event.

Art. It always works. I built a Pop Up art-gallery called 'Made in Malibu'. I bought together artists from the Malibu Art Association and Art Space Malibu to help me curate the show.  In 5 days we had over 15 artists and their work installed in the open space. This is what happens when you sit back and really think about what works, not just for the event, but the long term vibe and support. I just love this one -

Beth Neal