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This is where I share the tips and tricks and most of all, the lessons I've learned in the event industry. Most of event planning is planning for the unexpected. Those that can thrive under pressure will always come out on top!


Edwina and Don

I met the groom about 6 years ago while working in Malibu, he's the father of 3 and a very passionate country guy.  She is a Aussie who has a beautiful heart, smile and laugh.  They have hired me to produce their wedding in June on their estate in Malibu.  The venue is, well, sick. Views of Point and Little Dume, Channel Islands, aHHHmazing.  The best part, we only have 2 months. I love it.  When you don't have a ton of time the good thing is that you get to decisions faster, you have to. We've already retired Pinterest and decided the budget is going towards food and music, the rest will still be fabulous but at the end of the day, it's just a party. A very important one, but there is really no need for anything more.  Stay tuned as we build out the perfect Malibu weekend.  Oh, the image? Elizabeth Mackenzie designs, email me for a connection,