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This is where I share the tips and tricks and most of all, the lessons I've learned in the event industry. Most of event planning is planning for the unexpected. Those that can thrive under pressure will always come out on top!


I took a gig...

Yes, I took a gig representing events for a private golf course in Simi Valley. Simi Where? Google the Ronald Reagan Museum and I'm right across the street. It's a great spot, totally BEAUTIFUL and the people are so amazingly nice. Almost to the point where I think my wallet is being stolen - nice. I'm helping the team strengthen their events program, specifically I like to say I'm 'raising the guest profile'.  That means a full diagnosis of what has been done and what can be done, looking at who is coming in the doors as a bride or corporate client and their trends. First blush? The client is too price conscious. Why? I'm getting there. :)  The Golf Club is private, the event space is not. I'm working with them to get both 'arms' of the business equal. Whew. That's just a Tuesday. More later. 

Beth Neal