Experiential Marketing and Events



I am a Philadelphia native living in Southern California. I should say PROUD native. I have always loved where I'm from and I'm blessed to live where I live. I went to college and graduate school on the east coast and while there worked in the television and online marketing industries. I started wearing flip flops full time in 2003 when my new hubs and I landed in Cali. As a Golden State resident, I have produced large and small, corporate and social events for DTS, Inc., General Motors, Malibu Family Wines, and the Malibu Golf Club.  After many years of making other people a lot of money, I decided to run my own company, so here I am. I still have that same hubs and also two yummy kids and a fabulous young boxer puppy named Laverne. 

So honestly, with all of that, if I do have a shred of time I really like napping.  I like positive reality TV like that show the "Treehouse Masters" and anything on the Cooking Channel. I love to read recipe books and traditional magazines, Yes, I still get those in the mail!  I love 90's Rap and Hip Hop and spending as much time as possible with people who make me laugh.  My favorite place in the world is anywhere on Kauai and wherever my kids are, but only when they are laughing.